Special Occasions

Beautify Your Wine Experience

  • Special Occasions BottlenekYou are planning a special family celebration and want it to be picture perfect.
  • You enjoy serving a fine wine but don’t relish dealing with the predictable stains.
  • You love to give gifts that are unique, thoughtful, long-lasting, and memorable.

Imagine your beautiful Thanksgiving table. You’ve prepared a delicious meal with some of your favorite dishes and the perfect guest list to go along with it. The wine must be right too, and you’ve chosen excellent pairings for the menu.

And this year, there will be one less worry—and the perfect ending. No wine stains on the tablecloth! Your new wine bottle collars will take care of that dilemma. No dripping. Simply enjoyable sipping. And, the stylish Bottlenek™ wine collars perk up even the plainest of wine bottles. Your table looks exquisite!

Elevate your wine experience at your next special occasion.

Even the wine steward at the fine dining restaurant relies on the folded napkin over an arm to catch any unexpected spills or wipe the lip of the bottle. Finally, you can enjoy the freedom from unsightly stains with the Bottlenek™ experience.

This lovely conversation piece needs no maintenance or extra parts. And shipping costs are reasonable since the product is small and lightweight. You can’t beat that!

Long after the wine is gone, they will remember you.

"These are so stylish! It takes a bottle of wine from drab to inspiring. And it works for every bottle!“ ~Halle Unger, San Diego, CA

You might be planning an anniversary dinner and want a gorgeous table, complete with beautiful wine bottles to commemorate the occasion. It might be a wedding reception with gifts of Bottleneks engraved with the names of the bride and groom or the magical date. Whatever the occasion, your custom-designed Bottlenek™ will be a treasured gift.

When you’re ready to give a little Bottlenek™ therapy, choose a gift that says Merry Christmas or Congrats! Or create your own design for a cherished keepsake. And don’t forget to give yourself a Bottlenek™ collar that matches your décor and provides sunshine for the soul.