Special Occasions

Beautify Your Wine Experience

You are planning a special family celebration and want it to be picture perfect.
You enjoy serving a fine wine but don’t relish dealing with the predictable stains.
You love to give gifts that are unique, thoughtful, long-lasting, and memorable.

Here’s the usual scenario. Your friend Jenna Mae is the sweetest person ever but not too steady when pouring beverages. When she has a wine bottle in hand, you hold your breath for a second or two waiting to see how much drippage will occur.

"These are so stylish! It takes a bottle of wine from drab to inspiring. And it works for every bottle!ā€œ ~Halle Unger, San Diego, CA

Uncorked Memories

Elevate Your Wine Experience

Yes, yet another stain on the tablecloth or carpet. Or, worse yet, there are now spills on a guest’s expensive dress or favorite white shirt. But, let’s not be too hard on sweet Jenna Mae because we’ve all done this ourselves. Even the wine steward at the fine dining restaurant relies on the folded napkin over an arm to catch any unexpected spills or wipe the lip of the bottle. Finally—we can enjoy the freedom of the Bottlenekā„¢ experience.

This lovely conversation piece needs no maintenance or extra parts. And shipping costs are reasonable since the product is small and lightweight. You can’t beat that!

"Bottleneksā„¢ are not only a stylish and savvy addition to your wine bottle they are practical and definitely work to save your fine table linens from stains! Botttleneksā„¢ make great gifts for all hosts and hostesses and one is not enough!" ~Kyle Robino, Flower Girl LLC, Omaha, NE

Personalized Appreciation

Enhance Your Wine Experience

You might be planning a Thanksgiving dinner and want a gorgeous table, complete with beautiful wine bottles to commemorate the occasion. It might be a wedding reception with gifts of Bottlenekā„¢'s engraved with the names of the bride and groom or the magical date. Whatever the occasion, your custom-designed Bottlenekā„¢ will be a treasured gift.

When youā€™re ready to give a little Bottlenekā„¢ therapy, choose a gift that says Merry Christmas or Congrats! Or create your own design for a cherished keepsake. And donā€™t forget to give yourself a Bottlenekā„¢ collar that matches your dĆ©cor and provides sunshine for the soul.