Frequently Asked Questions

Q Is there a minimum order?
A No. You can order 1 or 1,000!

Q Is there a chance that the Bottlenek™ drip-stop collar will come apart or self-destruct?
A No. Our wine bottle collars are made of stainless steel. They are virtually indestructible! There’s no need for extra parts since nothing can break.

Q How do we maintain our Bottlenek™ properly?
A Good news! There is no maintenance needed. If desired, you may easily remove, rinse, and replace the inside felt.

Q Is shipping expensive?
A No. We have minimal shipping charges compared to other possible gifts. This is thanks to our small, lightweight products.

Q I know it’s a wine bottle collar but can it fit a beer bottle too?
A Yes, our unique collars can be used on wine or beer bottles.

Q Are there any other uses for the Bottlenek™?
A Absolutely. They can also serve as napkin holders for your festive occasions.

Q How long can the bottle collars be re-used?
A Indefinitely. These treasures are eco-friendly and durable.