Useful and Elegant: The solution is Bottlenek™

Bottlenek™ has been used by restaurants, vineyards, wedding venues, and by people simply entertaining from home. For all wine-serving occasions, there are good reasons to share the drip-free capability of a bottle collar.

Using Bottlenek™, long after the wine is gone your customers, your guests, and your friends will remember you.


The Bottlenek™ solution beautifies the wine experience and makes the ideal customer appreciation gift. Buy Bottlenek™ with your company logo engraved on the bottlenek. Add your company's QR code to the bottlenek, and your customers will be able to order your products directly from their Bottlenek™!

Appreciated and Cherished

Choose your own eye-catching Bottlenek™ or let us help you create the best representation of your gift-giving kindness. See our ready-to-order product options or Contact Us if you need help with the design.
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